Part of the crowd (which I conservatively put at 2,500 in the rally grounds) was under a big tent.  Ronaldus Magnus would have been proud.   Check out the signs... Especially at the right...  "Earn $25k now, Ask Saddam How" and then in big red letters, "Closed by U. S. Military"
a very nice lady named Jerri Lynn Ward, an attorney from Austin.  (yep, we redstate rednecks certainly are an uneducated and lowbrow bunch.... ask any effete Massachusetts liberal.)

Jerri is a (relatively new) blogger, and you can read her stuff at

I have some great video too, and am struggling to figure out how to post it.  I interviewed several vets and signholders, and caught an angry storeowner ejecting a lone liberal protester from his property.  No word yet from the major networks on exactly how much cash they'll pay for my video scoop.  I'm sitting by the phone, though...